Vltava Run 2015

    Vltava Run was my first team relay race experience and boy did I get hooked!!! After the disappointment of Prague Marathon, this was a perfect opportunity to be happy about running and racing again. I ran as a member of the Run the World Beasts team … prettty ambitious and fast bunch of runners. Quick photo report follows. We mmanaged to finish 8th out of 178 teams!!! Great  motivation for next year!
    Running with the fast people means afternoon start, yay, beautiful weather! Let’s do this!
    Likee seriously we are gonna sleep here? It’s just little cold 😀
    Mornning coffee relax!
    Thanks to my employer, we had big SHERLOG van to use – pretty useful for relay race!
    Relax before running our first leg.
    Morning, 2nd leg of the race … Jakub runs faster than the camera 🙂
    I literally lived off UCAN during the race, not really time to stomach big meals. The UCAN snack bars are beyond amazing!!!
    After my 2nd leg … almost 8 km, rolling hills, 4:30 min/km (7:15 min/mile) average pace = happy me 🙂
    Compex recovery for my foot between legs!
    Total Royal Bay compression for recovery and better performance. My quads were smashed after 2 legs, so extreme quad sleeves saved me!
    Pure Coco coconut water for hydration 🙂
    Run the World Beasts: 6 of 11  team members – from left: Vojta, Jakub, Honza, Roman and Peter
    Beautiful view of Slapy dam!
    After my last leg, it was super hot and super hilly!
    Finisher photo!!!
    See you next year!